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tv   [untitled]    June 21, 2015 5:00pm-5:31pm PDT

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into it, the work now begins. this partnership means a great deal not only to myself and the citizenoffs san francisco but to ourination. partnerships are stested by marriage not in the good times but the tuff time and the last year is a tough time both for rec and park and the grouv as well. arve we had a quarter million dollar of vandalism inflicted on the grove. we came together and continued to work and look at the future and how we continue to take the foundation of that relationship. what it does is highlight a couple things called out in the plan and hope the commission will look at. first and formost we have the crown jewel of park systems in the country, but if we don't create a space in which the visitors and tor rks ist can am and be assure td is
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safe and secure, they are not worth having. i can personally say i feel the investment in our park patrol and park ranger system is inadequately fundsed. we have billions of dollars of infruc structureture unprotected so i hope you'll look seriously at that. i avail myself to work with phil and other park partners to replicate what it means for the sit zin tooz get vaufed. it is easy to look at the government to say fix it do it, make it. on behalf of the grove board of director i encourage the commission to not only approve the plan but work with it going forward. thank you >> thank you >> matt.
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>> good morning matt ogradey with san francisco park alliance mptd the charter does mandate a plan that looks forward 5 years and that be upidated on on a annual basis. this is the first time you have a plan going back a dozen years. there are a million reasons why that wasn't done in the past but they are moot now because you vaplan in front of you. i was among several people of the park alliance who were consulted and intervud in the development of the plan. we were given a couple briefings as it was drafted so we had a nochb opportunity to provide input and there are a number of close alignment between this plan and park alliance own plan. it is a solid plan. the format allows for creative and adaptability
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for changing condition. it allywise the park alliance own strategic plan and highlights a number of partnerships we have together. a few specifics we long sought included in the plan, setting maintenance objectives and a mainss plan is something we have seen as a critical need. also developing a specific list of projects that could be funded with philanthropy. there a number of instances in the past where donors want to make a investment in the park and not having a clear [inaudible] that would be extremely valuable. there is strategic value. it saw gressive plan but the department doesn't have the budget for all of it. we do
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recommends adaungez possible with one amendment to the plan you will hear about. we strongly encourage the commission to intist e cyst on regular briefing and move forward with the annual upidate in the charter >> >> thank you. >> tyler? catherine. >> good morning commissioner, catherine howard. i'm concerned the reck and park department has followed the letter or spirit for the strategic plan. the charter states pry to adoption of each 5 year plan they shall conduct 5 hearings and [inaudible]
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however there have not been 5 hearings held in location distributed geographically throughout the city. they have all been held at city hall. reck and park claimed 2 meetings have been held in the neighborhood however those meetings were primarily advertised at a public meeting. a brief note, get a sneak peek at the department new strategic plan. find out [inaudible] this wording clearly states the staff is doing the planning, not the public. it is not a invitation to give and take planning session. that notice contrasts with a different announcement asking the public to participate in a playground design meeting-join us to help shape the play experience for san francisco's children. i'm also concerned the public was
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left out thf formulative stages of plaj. reck and park started the plan in 2013. members of staff, line workers and external contributors were interviewed. the select list of highly qualified stake holders are individuals in city gurmt or organizations that have close ties with reck and park. supervisor wiener is the only supervisor listed. other neighborhoods groups were listed leaving out the formulative process over 200 groups listed on line. prozac was not consulted until february of 2015. it is interesting that the chamber of commerce and spur were considered highly qualified stake holder to weigh in on what happen thooz the park months before the public is informed of or included in the
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process. i ask before you approve the plan you ask the department to follow the charter and engage the public in a robust planning process for this plan. the full let #2450r commission come i'll turn in another copy of because i appallgist for getting it to you yesterday. [inaudible] found on golden gate park and [inaudible] other publications. thank you very much >> thank you. >> rachel. >> good morning commissioners rachel morton with san francisco park alliance. i want to absolutely command the department for taking this step it is a important step as the jenroom manager pointed out. it is not only something required in the charter but is necessary to help you guide
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your work. we know at the park alliance that the employees work hard every day to maintain and support the park squz support the recreation pracs like the bay sox that we heard from today. we also know this plan will help you focus that work and focus your precious resources ochb the most important priority and william help develop [inaudible] we think this is a important step. as you all know the parks are playing-always play a important park in the quality of san francisco and never more important today as the sate is growing. it is crucial for you to be very intentional and
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overt about your priorities and this plan will help you do that so we urge adoption of the plan. my supervisor mr. ogradey referred to a amendment which is really more tongue and cheek than anything else, a 2 year series of r words, i would add revenue. we are working very hard over the past year to really figure out what those revenue should be and advocate for the increased revenue to the department and we think that have agplan like this with so many crucial priorities you cannot fund now it is a great tool for advocate for more revenue for the department both from the mayors office and
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borebd board of supervisors. >> [inaudible] >> good morning my name is [inaudible] on behalf of china town community development center. we want to congratulate on [inaudible] we strongly support it and have a road map for [inaudible] i have 2 points. i couldn't emphasize the importance of [inaudible] recently it took us close to a year to [inaudible] if you haven't been there you should go there. it is bustaling with life. creating a indoor facility for the much needed folks in china town and providing [inaudible] it is 7 days a week [inaudible] not only providing critical service and how the people activate and [inaudible] hundreds of peem
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come also the playground. second comment i want to make in the strategic plan is objective 2.1, development implement a outreach plan [inaudible] register more people from low income neighborhood and [inaudible] inclusive and [inaudible] outreach to [inaudible] coalition on homelessness came out with a report last week, over 2 thousand families [inaudible] it is a compoint i think needs to be in the plan. to give a example, we live in north beach 2 blocks from the swimming pool, every year by may my neighbor comes to our
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home to ask my wife to try to register on line to get her kids to the swimming pool because of the [inaudible] getting on line to register for the low income neighborhood for work ing moms and parents is difficult. aside from the digital barrier [inaudible] when the waiting list starts they will go wait in line so i think the community outreach i think we need to stress the [inaudible] how they use the park is spontaneous and without online registration. we always know the challenge of that so
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it is something i think we need to [inaudible] thank you >> thank you. is all the cards i have. anyone else like to make public comment? come on up. >> good morning commissioners and good morning phil. i'm lukes tobeen and recreation supervisor with reck and park thmpt departments motto is get out and play and i like to say that my roll at reck and park is help make sure arfbd can get out and play. when i saw this strategic plan drafted i thought here is my chance to do something that i have thought about doing for a long time and that is suggest that we add everyone to the mission statement for rec and park. because it says in the diverse community but i really felt everyone reflected that we really do welcome everyone and
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in my specific role in the department that really includes people with disabilities and that worried everyone says that to the community. i actually took a avenue of outreach that wasn't mentioned in phils presentation and e-mailed taylor and also suggested that we add language that said that we are going increase programming and inclusion service for those with disabilities and pleased to see those things were add today the plan. this strategic plan shows rec and park support including everyone from the very top. it shows everyone, staff and the public that these are rec and parks values. this is our culture and this is who rec and park is. we have a lot of work to do to increase programming for people with
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disabilities at rec and park and to meet the demand that we are seeing. as this strategic plan is being proposed, we are working on a plan to increase our programs and services for people with disabilities and i would love to come back and upidate you on the plan. one big step we have taken is hired 2 therapeutic recreation coordinator and they are here today. jennifer wong. stand up. and emily vasquez. my life is mech bert now that they are here. it is good for the department as well. we moved mountain tooz get the 2 of them
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on in time for summer. summer camp started 2 weeks ago and i think they started 3 weeks ago. we are going to head out of here and check on kids who are being included in a lot of our camps now. i came here today to acknowledge all the support we are receiving to make sure everyone gets out and play >> anyone else who would like to make public comment on this item? okay, being none public comment is closed >> commissioner low. >> i want to acknowledge the great effort of staff and everyone involved in the strategic plan and the great effort and energy that went into this. particularly give special acknowledge to harvard business school and all their probon tow contributions totowards this even being a cal business alum nigh i do want to
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recognize the great contribution of hbs on this project. that is trully a remarkable contribution so thank you very much >> mrs. gensbering y and want to conclude by a couple extra things. i want to thank taylor and eric who are project managers and the amazing job of coordinating all the input we received and cureating it and figuring how to incorporate it and writing and rewriting draft. we are where we are because of them so wanted to thank them. the last thing i want to thank are the executive staff and several are here, [inaudible]icatey, lisa dawn. it was as a team we did this and did have hard conversations and it wasn't always easy to get to the outcome but it was a
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important endeavor and there was a tremendous amount of integry in the effort and proceed where we are and excite today work together over the next several years to implement this plan >> before i ask for a vote let me make a comment as well that woe know only too well sitting up here that we never had enough money for all the defered maintenance and never have enough money for all the park security that is warrant tded by a system this size and never have enough money to activate all the community facilities in the park and threrf do leasing to non profit to try to make that up, so having said that, i think this document will help make those hard decision that you have to go through every month and picking priorities and putting the money where it does the most good. i lend my
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congratulations as well to the staff and all the effort that went into it, i think it is a very important document. with that, commission bonilla >> one i was gratifyed with the attention or focus on is language access. i don't think we have done as good as a job as we should have in those areas in that there will be information on i think 3 major languages that will be continuously at play in terms of getting nrfgz out to the users. the other thing is i absolutely expect that staff will be compling to the
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commission with progress reports on our efforts towards implementing the strategic plan >> thank you. with that i would entertain a motion to approve the strategic plan >> so moved, >> second. moved and seconded. all these in favor >> so moved. >> is there anyone who would like to make general public comment? seeing none this item is closed. we are on item 11, commissioner matters. allow commissioners to raise issues. >> commissioner low >> i just wanted to-as we make connection squz bep come technologically connected i notice there are wifiin some parks but not in all parks like golden gate park. i guess our
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july calendar is pretty full so maybe on our august commissioner hearing have an upidate on how the wifiis rolled out in sth public parks particularly golden gate park. the second item is after the 2012 bond and as we [inaudible] 2018 bond-you hear that, 2018 bond? we are like at the half time and i like to also hear just as a upidate where we on the 2012 bond project because i think it is important in terms of transference also be able to report back to 24 public on the deliverables we made base thond 2012 bond pruject jz >> thank you commissioner, seeing no other request jz any public comment. seeing none, public coptant is closed. item
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12 [inaudible] any public commentant? this item is closed. item 13, any public comment? seeing none we are moving towards adjournment. >> any comment? seeing none this item is closed.
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